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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
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NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
An Interpretation of Friends Worship
Chapter 699 axiomatic obey
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Just after approaching the Main Formation World and improving the Crimson Earth-friendly Treasure Sword, Zhao Yanzi could now use the earliest four sword methods of the large Dipper Constellation Scroll consistently . Even so, she got merely the very first 50 % of the scroll . If she want to carry on cultivating, they need to consider a way of getting another half .
When they got a Spirit Development Realm cultivator, they might surely move up to 7th Paradise .
When Hao Ren flew right out of the valley, Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia also adopted him out on their dharma treasures after the moment of concern .
There was some major airline flight dharma treasures on Sixth Heaven . Even so, most air travel dharma treasures were hovering swords, and so they could keep the pounds of one or two cultivators .
Hovering on the sky away from Ethereal Summit, Lingwu Become an expert in plus the other individuals observed Hao Ren coming from the valley even though operating over a snowfall lion, as well as two women cultivators .
Hao Ren searched through the mist and noticed Lingwu Grasp . The latter was donning a greyish Taoist robe with Eight Trigram habits, and he sat in the point 6 snowfall lion Jitian .
“Within the cultivation world, it really is extraordinary to experience a Central Structure Realm women cultivator as being a cultivation associate . Nevertheless, the Natural herb California king Become an expert in has a number of powerful concubines like Duan Yao and this also young lady, which demonstrates his status…” they considered .
Being aware of Ancient Grandma’s identity, Hao Ren recognized she wouldn’t mind a single thing so long as Xie Yujia wasn’t harm, and she wouldn’t care and attention if Hao Ren suddenly lost his dharma value .
Hao Ren appeared from the mist and found Lingwu Master . The latter was wearing a greyish Taoist robe with Eight Trigram forms, and then he sat over the level 6 snowfall lion Jitian . While he spoke, he cupped hands and wrists and paid for honor to Ethereal Summit . Next to Lingwu Master was Duan Ye, Heavens Mountain Sect Become an expert in, who sat around the point 5 snow lion, Luojia . Powering them have been eight disciples who were driving on degree 4 snowfall lions including Mo Lianshan who had previously been beaten for the Basis Business Realm by Hao Ren . Xie Yujia checked out Hao Ren in misunderstandings, and Zhao Yanzi also checked involved . Tiny Bright! Hao Ren termed out, and Minor Bright who obtained achieved degree 5 immediately turned into its snow lion shape which had been the size of five people and transported Hao Ren on its again . When Hao Ren flew away from the valley, Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia also observed him out on their dharma treasures after a instant of aspect to consider . Hovering from the sky outside Ethereal Summit, Lingwu Master and also the some others discovered Hao Ren emerging from the valley even though biking on a snowfall lion, combined with two lady cultivators . The female cultivator on the kept was moving in the Crimson Green Prize Sword, a great dharma treasure of Sky Mountain peak Sect . Hao Ren considered Lingwu Master and located how the second option who only got weak nature essence yesterday evening acquired restored to your Center Development Kingdom . The black color-dealt with Mo Lianshan searched like he healed a great deal despite the fact that he wasnt back within the Core Development Kingdom nevertheless . We have been sorry that Atmosphere Mountain peak Sect offended Ethereal Summit many times . Currently, Ive restored a lttle bit and stumbled on beg for your own forgiveness, Lingwu Excel at said to Hao Ren by using a genial expression . All right . Hao Ren nodded . The Key Growth Realm cultivators standing up at the rear of Lingwu Grasp observed Zhao Yanzi . They kept in mind that she was only within the Foundation Store World yesterday, nevertheless it looked like she was now at the Key Growth Realm . It confident them that Zhao Yanzi experienced indeed invisible her kingdom last night . Inside the cultivation environment, it really is astonishing to have a Main Growth World feminine cultivator being a cultivation companion . Even so, the Herbal Queen Grasp has several powerful concubines like Duan Yao and also this woman, which reveals his status… they idea . Considering that Duan Yao acquired declared that she obtained shut down all ties with Atmosphere Mountain / hill Heavens, it was actually tough so that they can obtain love through the Natural herb King Become an expert in . Nonetheless, it is always good in case the Supplement Master Expert forgave Sky Mountain peak Sect for its former offenses . In the meantime, other Central Structure Kingdom cultivators were definitely staring at Xie Yujia who stood on the opposite side of Hao Ren . This gorgeous and virtuous feminine cultivator seems to always be only a few years older than additional lady, and also the cloud-like flying dharma value under her feet is particularly one of a kind, they idea Every one of the dharma treasures ended up made from assortment formations and materials . Nonetheless, this soft fabric could offer the bodyweight of merely one cultivator, showing it was an astonishing dharma value with very complex range formations interior . There had been some major flight dharma treasures on 6th Heaven . Nevertheless, most flying dharma treasures ended up piloting swords, and they also could retain the unwanted weight of 1 to 2 cultivators . This white colored fabric which searched similar to a white colored cloud could keep the excess weight of a cultivator with no trouble, allowing it to be an vision-getting value . The Primary Creation World cultivators pondered how many treasures the Plant California king Become an expert in acquired . Zhao Yanzi has also been jealous of Xie Yujias pretty airline flight dharma treasure, but because she got enhanced the Purple Earth-friendly Value Sword and made it her natal dharma prize, she was sensing better now . I learned that this lover of yours is developing the Big Dipper Constellation Scroll from Heavens Mountain / hill Sect, and so i moved the 2nd one half of the scroll . Lingwu Expert considered Hao Ren and extended . Standing on the Purple Green Jewel Sword, Zhao Yanzi blushed at his ideas . Who seems to be his companion? Zhao Yanzi murmured inside of a lower sound but felt wonderful interior . Hehe . Good… Hao Ren nodded having a smile . If Lingwu Become an expert in only got to apologize with several individuals, it might mean nothing at all . Nonetheless, they solved Hao Rens challenge by providing the second 50 % of the large Dipper Constellation Scroll . Just after hitting the Main Growth Realm and improving the Purple Eco-friendly Cherish Sword, Zhao Yanzi could are now using the first four sword methods of the top Dipper Constellation Scroll consistently . On the other hand, she had just the initial half of the browse . If she planned to continue creating, they visualize a method of getting the 2nd 1 / 2 . Since next half of the scroll is in Atmosphere Mountain peak Sect, Hao Ren would be required to compel the crooks to fingers the scroll through, but he didnt prefer to pressure other individuals . Since Heavens Mountain / hill Sect presented the browse on their own, Hao Ren wouldnt should clutter with Heavens Hill Sect once more . Hao Ren picture out a sword power which required the second half the scroll from Lingwu Masters hand . On the back of his degree 6 snowfall lion, Lingwu Learn was silently amazed by the nimbleness of Hao Rens hidden sword energy which swept across his palm precisely . Take a glance . Hao Ren tossed it to Zhao Yanzi afterward . Zhao Yanzi captured the scroll and switched through several pages before smiling at Hao Ren it was subsequently the other 1 / 2 of the Big Dipper Constellation Scroll she had needed . Lingwu Master had the ability to discover Zhao Yanzi and found that she was moving around the Crimson Natural Value Sword . He sighed silently considering that he knew this youthful young lady got processed the Purple Natural green Treasure Sword . Your Purple Earth-friendly Value Sword as well as Large Dipper Constellation Scroll had been the highest-tier items that Heavens Mountain Sect got ready for Duan Yao . Nevertheless, Duan Yao experienced now left Atmosphere Mountain peak Sect, and an outsider experienced used the two of these goods . Considering that the sword have been sophisticated in to a natal dharma prize, it absolutely was difficult for taking it backside even if they needed to deal it with a lot of treasures . Essentially the most humiliating matter for Heavens Mountain / hill Sect wasnt that outsider had taken their Purple Green Treasure Sword . Preferably, it turned out that they had to offer the 2nd 1 / 2 of the scroll right after the initial 1 / 2 of the process has been considered by push . It was subsequently like an individual presented his proper cheek on the foe who had just slapped his kept cheek . They were powerless within this situation… After all, the Supplement Ruler Expert had intense ability, and perhaps his attach was a levels 5 snow lion, let alone his property of a supreme spiritual cherish . Lingwu Become an expert in shook his head silently in beat . Irrespective of most of the unfortunate activities who had taken place to Skies Mountain / hill Sect, he sensed lucky which he could increase once again and had expectations of returning to the Nascent Spirit Kingdom right after creating in seclusion for a long time . There is still the chance that Sky Hill Sect could resume its previous beauty . On the back of the amount 5 snowfall lion, Luojia, Duan Ye searched toward Ethereal Summit that had been taken care of in mist, planning to see Duan Yao yet again . Having said that, Duan Yao was now after the impressive Natural herb Emperor Master, and this man couldnt see or question her although she was his daughter . Skies Mountain Sect is thankful for any Supplement Queen Masters kindness . If Become an expert in has any errands at some point, Sky Mountain Sect can do its advisable to aid, Lingwu Grasp claimed though cupping his hands and wrists . Dealing with the Herbal Queen Master who experienced almost ruined Skies Mountain peak Sect, Atmosphere Mountain Sect didnt dare to hold on to any grudges . As a substitute, it revealed its purpose of right after Ethereal Summit . It appeared humiliating, but it really was an act within the fascination of Heavens Mountain peak Sect . Whenever they wished to manage their standing on 6th Heaven, they secure themselves to Ethereal Summit! Standing upright behind Duan Ye, Mo Lianshans deal with was dimly lit . For the Groundwork Business Kingdom, he was the one cultivator among the list of group whose realm was beneath the Main Creation Realm . Clearly, he was helped bring along to plead with for forgiveness . On the other hand, Hao Rens gaze swept across his experience with virtually no goal to reprimand him . Stepping over the Crimson Green Jewel Sword, Zhao Yanzi glared at him and recollected that she ended up being chased around by Mo Lianshan! In those days, Mo Lianshan was in the Primary Growth Kingdom and Zhao Yanzi was for the Cornerstone Establishment World . On the other hand, Zhao Yan was now in the Central Structure Realm though Mo Lianshan was with the Foundation Company Realm . Their advantages ended up being completely reversed! If Zhao Yanzi attacked, Mo Lianshan would be required to play the mountain tops! Points would modify, but Mo Lianshan obtained never envisioned which the scenario would transform so fast! Moreover, the appearance in the supreme spiritual value last night appeared to have drawn the eye of some experts on Seventh Paradise, Lingwu Learn continuing following a pause of various secs . Oh? Hao Ren became a minor alarmed . There have been quite a few Spirit Formation World cultivators on 7th Paradise which was why the sects on 6th Heaven couldnt raise to 7th Paradise quickly . To elevate to 7th Paradise, Heavens Hill Sect possessed acc.you.mulated strength for many years, but all their attempts visited misuse due to the event with Ethereal Summit . If Lingwu Excel at acquired remained in the peak Nascent Heart and soul Realm, Skies Mountain / hill Sect might have a chance at moving to 7th Heaven by using Jitian . If they possessed a Spirit Structure World cultivator, they can surely progress up to Seventh Paradise . Despite the small number of sects on 7th Paradise, they each possessed the ability which may suppress Sixth Paradise and 5th Heaven . Whenever they aimed Ethereal Summit… Hao Ren wasnt positive that he could conflict with Heart and soul Structure Realm cultivators, primarily individuals who have been the overlords on their sects . In the event the great s.h.i.+eld messed around on Seventh Paradise, the potent cultivators may potentially record it very easily . Soon after getting to amount 2 like a supreme psychic treasure, the golden s.h.i.+eld could almost be named the biggest s.h.i.+eld worldwide, skilled as being a dharma jewel for any Heart and soul Creation Realm cultivator . Knowing Outdated Grandmas individuality, Hao Ren knew she wouldnt imagination a single thing given that Xie Yujia wasnt damage, and she wouldnt care if Hao Ren missing his dharma treasure . Qingfeng Hermit used dharma notices that may transformation into many forms and so didnt want dharma treasures, but it wasnt the situation for other Spirit Development Realm cultivators . Alright . I bought it . Hao Ren looked quiet . The wonderful s.h.i.+eld could jog outdoors on Fifth Heaven and 6th Heaven, and the time had come to restrain it . Usually, some Spirit Development World cultivators on 7th Paradise would possibly choose a reason to use it . Hao Ren still measured upon it to block some potent Qian-degree and Kun-levels dragon cultivators, so he wouldnt would like it to be studied via the Soul Structure Realm cultivators . Farewell . Lingwu Excel at turned to Sixth Paradise with Duan Ye as well as the eight disciples . Skies Mountain peak Sect must affix itself to Ethereal Summit to outlive! Hao Ren viewed the heavens and realized that it absolutely was almost time to return to area . He beckoned at Xie Yujia and identified as her up to rest next to him . The news that Atmosphere Mountain Sect introduced about Seven Paradise was very important . Hao Ren had dealings with Fifth Heaven and Sixth Heaven, but he experienced neglected Seventh Heaven . Whoos.h.!.+ Seeing that Hao Ren was ready to return to ground, the great s.h.i.+eld flew out of Ethereal Summit and adhered to Hao Ren much like a shadow . Growth! Little Bright circulated its demonic substance and converted wonderful all over before traveling by air toward Primary Paradise .
Since the following one half of the browse was in Skies Mountain Sect, Hao Ren would have to push them to fingers the scroll over, but he didn’t want to force other people .
Journey To Become A True God
“Atmosphere Mountain peak Sect is grateful for any Herbal California king Master’s generosity . If Master has any errands in the future, Skies Mountain peak Sect will do its best to assistance,” Lingwu Grasp claimed whilst cupping his hands .
Heavens Mountain Sect must affix itself to Ethereal Summit to survive!
“I found out that this associate of yours is cultivating the important Dipper Constellation Browse from Heavens Mountain peak Sect, and so i helped bring another half of the scroll . ” Lingwu Expert looked over Hao Ren and continuing .
The female cultivator around the eventually left was stepping about the Purple Eco-friendly Value Sword, an ultimate dharma prize of Heavens Hill Sect .
Atmosphere Mountain peak Sect must affix itself to Ethereal Summit to outlive!
Soon after attaining the Main Development Realm and polishing the Purple Environmentally friendly Treasure Sword, Zhao Yanzi could are now using the primary four sword techniques in the major Dipper Constellation Browse regularly . On the other hand, she obtained only the initial 1 / 2 of the scroll . If she wanted to go on developing, they have to visualize a method to get the other one half .
In case the fantastic s.h.i.+eld messed around on 7th Paradise, the potent cultivators could potentially record it conveniently .
Qingfeng Hermit practiced dharma information that can alter into various forms and therefore didn’t will need dharma treasures, but it wasn’t the case for other Soul Formation World cultivators .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
The wonderful s.h.i.+eld could run outrageous on 5th Paradise and 6th Paradise, and it was time to restrain it . In any other case, some Soul Creation Kingdom cultivators on 7th Heaven may possibly look for a factor to have it .
Heavens Hill Sect must connect itself to Ethereal Summit to thrive!
If Lingwu Become an expert in obtained continued to be in the highest Nascent Spirit Realm, Atmosphere Mountain Sect might are able at switching to 7th Paradise by using Jitian .
Strictly For Cash
“All right . I purchased it . ” Hao Ren appeared quiet .
“Farewell . ” Lingwu Expert considered 6th Heaven with Duan Ye as well as the eight disciples .
Hao Ren considered the sky and found that it was actually almost time to go back to property . He beckoned at Xie Yujia and called her onto sit down adjacent to him .
On the rear of his level 6 snow lion, Lingwu Master was silently excited by the nimbleness of Hao Ren’s imperceptible sword power which swept across his palm correctly .
There were numerous Spirit Development Kingdom cultivators on Seventh Paradise which was why the sects on Sixth Paradise couldn’t increase to Seventh Heaven very easily .
Hao Ren still measured in it to block some powerful Qian-point and Kun-stage dragon cultivators, so he wouldn’t would like it to be used from the Spirit Formation Realm cultivators .
“Oh?” Hao Ren became a tiny alarmed .
Most of the dharma treasures had been crafted from range formations and materials . Nevertheless, this gentle content could retain the pounds of just one cultivator, demonstrating it was an amazing dharma prize with very sophisticated variety formations within .
Xie Yujia looked at Hao Ren in confusion, and Zhao Yanzi also checked anxious .
However, other Central Development Realm cultivators were definitely staring at Xie Yujia who endured on the other side of Hao Ren .
“I discovered that this companion of yours is creating the main Dipper Constellation Browse from Skies Hill Sect, and so i helped bring the second 50 % of the browse . ” Lingwu Grasp viewed Hao Ren and persisted .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
During that time, Mo Lianshan was at the Core Formation Realm and Zhao Yanzi was on the Basis Company Realm . Having said that, Zhao Yan was now in the Core Development World although Mo Lianshan was on the Cornerstone Establishment Kingdom . Their strong points has been completely reversed!
These people were powerless on this situation… In the end, the Herbal California king Master had extraordinary electrical power, and perhaps his position became a amount 5 snow lion, not to mention his thing of any superior religious value .
Hao Ren wasn’t confident that he could combat with Spirit Formation Kingdom cultivators, particularly the ones who ended up the overlords into their sects .
As he spoke, he cupped arms and paid for admiration to Ethereal Summit .

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