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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
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Chapter 320 industrious scarce
She was not in the ambiance for carrying out investigation in any way . Her intellect is in a chaos since she acquired just saw that every thing was so difficult to rely on . She could not discover why Zhao Guang select to not guard Hao Ren and why Zhao Hongyu’s att.i.tude had not been that organization .
Hao Ren begun to take into consideration his personal predicament when Zhao Yanzi dedicated to the inquiries .
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“Exactly where would you like to stay then?” Hao Ren questioned .
Even so, she only pouted to convey her discontentment . She threw herself around the workplace and had a soccer ball-position pencil away from the compartment . Then, she switched out a blank piece of paper and begun to do their best over the questions .
Indeed, one more examinations were actually something which had been delivering her a hassle . She guaranteed herself that she would top rated Xie Yujia’s report in LingZhao Midsection College .
He didn’t want to endure the family room just where he possessed to talk to Zhao Yanzi’s moms and dads yet again . Therefore, he have on Minor White’s back and flew to the heavens!
Zhao Hongyu said to Hao Ren soon after dinner time, “Ren, it is possible to go tutor Zi upstairs . “
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Zhao Yanzi had been a touch shocked, and she listened carefully together eye extensive opened .
“Hi, hi, let’s are able to job . “
Hao Ren suddenly saw that Zhao Yanzi was staring at him as he was explaining the concerns . He was astonished to get a tad right before inquiring her, “Um?”
She was on Hao Ren’s part . Quite simply, she was on Zhao Yanzi’s facet . The present scenario was giving them a headaches, but she was opposed to compromising Hao Ren .
As a matter of truth, if Zhen Congming and Hao Ren escaped when Oldman Zeng dashed away from the back hill, the Western side Ocean Dragon Clan wouldn’t get information . The complete factor could have been avoided in the event the Eastern side Ocean Dragon Palace decide to not acknowledge in it no matter what .
Even so, she only pouted to convey her discontentment . She threw themselves about the table and took a tennis ball-issue pencil away from the pot . Then, she flipped out a blank sheet of paper and began to do their best for the problems .
Even though he wished to secure Hao Ren with all his energy, he were forced to influence the seniors within the dragon palace . Normally, various things of vistas might cause inside illness . There wasn’t only their loved ones of three inside the East Beach Dragon Clan he would have to be accountable for millions of cultivators and tens of countless clan members inside their areas .
Hao Ren stared at Zhao Yanzi, not ready for her to react by doing this .
She could not realise why her moms and dads, who used to ruin her and guard her, have been now standing on the contrary area .
Sever all ties meant he would no longer be the Fuma in the Eastern Sea Dragon Clan, Zhao Yanzi’s fiancé, and this man wouldn’t be able to pay a visit to Zhao Yanzi’s house anymore .
The meals were definitely a bit freezing actually and weren’t as appetizing as just before .
“Can it be for the reason that . . . Hao Ren is my . . . fiancé?” She wondered to themselves .
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Even though he planned to secure Hao Ren with his efforts, he had to influence the seniors in the dragon palace . Or else, different factors of sights might trigger inner ailment . There wasn’t only their family of three on the Eastern side Water Dragon Clan he needed to be liable for thousands of cultivators and tens of thousands of clan individuals inside their territories .
“Hi there!” Zhao Yanzi nudged Hao Ren with her left arm, “I’m performed!”
As he tore over the West Seas Dragon Palace’s gate and demolished the properties, he observed great about venting every one of the stacked-up grudges . He didn’t feel a lot at all since he was too hectic revenging for your Eastern Beach Dragon Clan and themselves .
Even though he planned to safeguard Hao Ren with all his work, he were forced to persuade the senior citizens from the dragon palace . Otherwise, several tips of opinions might lead to interior ailment . There wasn’t only their family of three in the Eastern side Seashore Dragon Clan he would have to be in charge of numerous cultivators and tens of countless clan members inside their territories .
Hao Ren nudged her along with his hands when he discovered her face manifestation alter quickly like Television programs channels .
“Our key subject matter is mathematics today, and that i have six geometry concerns and six algebra inquiries completely ready for you personally . You will end up accomplished as soon as you accomplish these,” Hao Ren set two components of paper in front of Zhao Yanzi .
“Suitable, appropriate, accurate . . . ” Hao Ren was just on the verge of feel happy on her as he realized the latter inquiries were actually inappropriate, improper, wrong . . .
Zhao Yanzi looked to Zhao Hongyu once you have no response from Zhao Guang, “Mother, you declared that we dragons must be virtuous . Hao Ren experienced never maltreated me he doesn’t ought to get this!”
Needless to say, the comment of ‘sever all ties’ touched her most sensitive nerve .
None of the four spoke ever again . All they may hear was the sound made by the items. .h.i.tting the plates and dishes .
Zhao Hongyu said to Hao Ren immediately after meal, “Ren, you are able to go instructor Zi upstairs . “
“Sever all ties . ” The text exploded in Hao Ren’s brain .
As a matter of reality, if Zhen Congming and Hao Ren escaped as soon as Oldman Zeng dashed right out of the back mountain / hill, the Western side Seashore Dragon Clan wouldn’t have any facts . The full factor could have been prevented when the Eastern side Sea Dragon Palace decide to not admit with it regardless of the .
“Hello, hi there, let’s be able to function . “

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